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About the Giveaway!

Today many gamers use their PC’s to play games, so to win a battle they need high quality gaming peripheral. In order to have an unbeatable power against your competitors you must have a best gaming mouse in your arsenal. That’s why our site is purely dedicated for e-sport athletes and game enthusiasts, for people who really care about performance and accuracy. Today there are lots of new gaming peripherals and it’s hard to find one that perfectly suits your needs as a gamer, so this contest will give you a chance to win your favourite mouse. The rules are pretty simple and easy to understand. Every single step provides you with the bonus point, more entries you got higher the chances to win. We giveaway only the products which are reviewed on our website, that way we make sure that our customers get only the best. To ensure that the audience is involved in this process we decided to give you chance decide, what product you want to see in the next giveaway. So now you have the chance not only to win great prizes for free, but also to decide which mice you want to have for your gaming setup. Well the choice is totally yours. But the most important part is to provide your email address, as we will contact you through email.

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How to win a contest?

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How the winner is Chosen?

Once the contest is over, we will gather all the information and start to eliminate low-quality leads. For example people who haven’t confirmed their emails won’t get chance to participate in the giveaway, because there might be a fake email address which is commonly used to bypass the registration process. That being said, users with more entries are more likely to win than others.

We use our random email generator along with other special tools to identify the winner. We will announce the winners on our social platforms, as well as on our website, featuring their images and the prize they have won. Unfortunately we provide free shipping only inside the USA, and for those people who don’t live in USA, they can use a third party logistic provider service to get the prize.