FinalMouse Tournament Pro

FinalMouse Tournament Pro 2016

FinalMouse Tournament Pro 2016

Best FPS gaming mouse, developed for CS:GO & Esports athletes, with Flawless Pixart 3310 IR Led Sensor, Ergonomic Form Factor, 3 Buttons , LED color lighting and quick DPI selection (400-3200)


• FinalMouse

• Software Disc – Driverless

• User Manual

• Warranty card


Being in the PC industry for years showed me that technologies are improving constantly and "eSports" arena therefore changes rapidly. Years of experience and feedback led the FinalMouse create the world’s first true gaming mouse, that is purely designed for First Person Shooters. Main idea behind the product is that it was created for competitive games like CS:GO, where players rely on performance rather than on customizability options. Here you can’t change illumination settings, add custom weight or even add new parts to redesign the unibody. Besides you have a nicely balanced and crafted product in your arsenal, that’s going to be your number one weapon in any battle which will give you an unbeatable power against your competitors. It’s worth noting that Finalmouse has stood by its motto: Designed to be the industry standard. No gimmicks, just pure performance for “eSports” athletes.

First Impressions

Build Quality
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  1. TL:DR at the bottom.
    I bought this mouse and had it for 2 months before these things happened:

    1.) The scroll wheel sensor is messed up.
    2.) The main sensor flicks my view up sometimes.
    3.) One of the side buttons broke and is unclickable now.

    Note: I play csgo.

    I contacted and they said they would send me an “updated 2016 model of the Tournament Pro which has updated clicker molds and improved internal stability”, which was fine. Then, they said that my replacement order of a Classic ERGO was placed, which I thought was an updated model of Tournament Pro (I didn’t look it up…until now). I find out that they were supposed to send me out a Tournament Pro, not a standard older Classic ERGO. So my impression is that they lied to me about what mouse they were sending. On top of that, they said that order tracking would come to me within 3 business days…3 business days pass with no word about tracking. They send another one…”please allow up to 48 hours”…still hasn’t come after over 48 hours. I don’t even know if there is ANY mouse coming to me. I don’t know if I am a special case here but I don’t know how this mouse has so many good reviews.

    TL:DR…The mouse broke after 2 months and the customer support sucks for me.