Logitech MX Master


For a normal person who spends lot of time at a computer, good mouse is essential. Especially for those who are editing videos, playing games or working with various 3d programs. There are few mouse which offer great experience while doing different things. Generally people buy specific type of mouse for specific work they want to do, but Logitech MX series mouse is exception. My first real upgrade for wireless mouse was Logitech mx revolution, than there was performance mx which become really popular, but now we got new MX Master. The Logitech MX master priced at 99$ brings slight functionality improvements compered to mx performance mouse, but there are some new features which makes this mouse great not only for everyday use but also for gaming as well.logitech-mx-master

Overall construction of the mouse and the materials are high quality. Logitech claims that this mouse is hand-crafted and designed in order to support your hand and wrist in a comfortable, natural position. The mouse’s flowing shape is refined to perfection, the fine detail of every surface is tuned to create unique finished product. After watching the commercial video, I had a feeling that sports car designer was involved to design the mouse, because there was lot of sculpting. So for me, it looks like a sporty one and not a regular wireless mouse.logitech-mx-master-design

One of the coolest features that this mouse has is that, it connects to multiple devices. You can pair up to 3 different devices and easily switch between them with the touch of a button. Now you are able to connect to a laptop, desktop, even to a Tv or tablet. The mouse also has multiple ways to connect to different computers via smart Bluetooth system or unifying receiver. MX Master comes pre-paired with unifying receiver so you only have to plug in the receiver in USB port and it is ready to use. One of the things which I have noticed is that, there is a little bit of lag while using Bluetooth, but if you switch to unifying receiver there is instantaneous response.logitech-mx-master-dual-connectivity

Also Logitech MX master can connect either to your pc or mac, so it is compatible with both and it’s great. This mouse has independent software for both systems, so you can actually take advantage of all extra buttons. If you are a power user, more buttons you have more efficient you can potentially be, as long as you are going to use them in a correct way and so far this mouse has lot of extra buttons. It features the main left and right buttons, as well as the scroll wheel, manual shift button and unique thumb wheel. However some extra buttons placement is really awkward such as one right above the thumb, those are really hard to distinguish which one you are pressing. Just like a previous mouse Logitech has included really interesting Speed-adaptive scroll wheel. It means that when you move just a little but it will click, but when you spin it lot faster it is going to be much smooth experience until you tap it again to engage that clicking mechanism. Logitech Options software lets you customize this experience, you can actually control at what speeds the mouse scroll wheel should starts hyper-fast scroll. logitech-mx-master-thumb-wheel

Now left and right mouse button are very easy to click, it does not takes a lot to engage a click. There are lots of advantages to that, whether you are gaming or you do not want to move your muscles as much, but I personally like a heftier click but it is just a personal preference. New unique thumb wheel also helps the users to unlock the full range of possibilities of this mouse. Combining thumb wheel features and Logitech Options software you can turn pages, switch between applications and do much more than you can even imagine.

For every great wireless mouse good rechargeable battery is essential. Logitech claims that their new MX Master has one of the best rechargeable batteries. They have enough power to last up for 40 days. When the battery gets low, an indicator light lets you know. So now, you can just plugin in your USB cable and continue using the mouse while it is charging. logitech-mx-master-Rechargeable-battery

To sum up, Logitech MX Master is the best wireless mouse optimized for windows and mac. With Logitech Options software, you will experience full range of possibilities of this advanced, luxury device. With its new Darkfield Laser Tracking, unique thumb wheel, Easy-Switch technology, dual connectivity and Speed-adaptive scroll wheel this mouse is ideal for everyday use as well as for gaming.





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