Saturday, September 1, 2018
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ODiN – World’s first projection mouse

Odin is the first laser projection mouse in the world. This is intuitive, responsive, easy to use laser projection mouse. You may wonder what Odin means. In Germanic mythology, Odin is...
recon bluetooth mouse

RECON – World’s Thinnest Foldable Bluetooth Mouse

The improvements of the mouse, follows the development of the computer. Sometimes people do not use the mouse, because it seems redundant in the current mobile world. So in order to...
Things That Follow Your Cursor

Things that follow your cursor

While searching mouse games on the internet, we have come across things following your cursor. When it comes to mice, it’s hard to imagine how mouse game will look like. In...

The Mouse-Box Is An Entire wireless Computer Inside A Mouse

Have you ever thought about the PC set, without the PC box? Nothing has changed much since the very beginning of computers. What is being used by people has many alternatives,...

Motix – New generation of Touchless Mouse

Have you noticed how often you move your hand from the keyboard, to mouse while using the computer? (1/3 of computer use involves a mouse). If you think that touch screens...