Motix – New generation of Touchless Mouse


Gesture DeviceHave you noticed how often you move your hand from the keyboard, to mouse while using the computer? (1/3 of computer use involves a mouse). If you think that touch screens are useless and they are slowing down your creativity, it’s time to try new device called Motix. Generally Motix is gesture device, which allows everyday people to interact with computer, laptops and tablets in batter and faster way, using a new Mouseless and Touchless technology. The Motix reads finger moves above the keyboard and allows the users to control the mouse pointer on their computer, without moving their hands away from the typing area. It allows them to perform touch activities such as scrolling through documents, zooming and even navigation to different apps. All without ever taking eyes from the screen and their fingers off the keyboard. Whether it’s working at home for business, 3d animation systems or intense gaming.
motix advantagesThe motix has tools and flexibility to enhance users experience on their computers. Device uses ARM Cortex Processor to study movements and interpret it into mouse and touch commands for any computer whether it is Desktop, laptop or tablet computer. With Multiple operating systems – windows, Mac and Linux. Motix is the future how we communicate our requests to our devices. It is stand-alone device, which can be added to any keyboard, it has a flexible positioning pad which allows precision control of the cursor. Through the combination of intuitive thumb and finger movements, the user can move the cursor anywhere on the screen. Giving the complete command over everything needed on a computer, without ever lifting their hands from the keyboard or taking their eyes off the screen (intuitive finger control).motix - Touchless MouseTo sum up, the motix is new device which allows everyday people to interact with computer, in a better and faster way. With this new gadget, no trackpad or mouse is needed – hands stay on the keyboard and the eyes on the screen. Just point to move the cursor. Click, scroll, rotate and navigate different apps, no more back and forth between mouse and your keyboard, hand remains on the keyboard. The motix has tools and the flexibility to enhance experience of each user.


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