Top 10 Gaming Mouse Facts


Top 10 Gaming Mouse Facts

This infographic visually represents Top 10 Gaming Mouse facts, you had no idea about. As you already know, mouse is a pointing device which is specifically designed for the operation of a computer. It is a portable and at the same time very simple. Generally, mouse features number of buttons and one or more scroll wheels. Most important thing about gaming mouse is that throughout the history of mouse, there where important stages that mouse has gone thru and those facts are really memorable. I have tried to gather up top 10 most important ones, in order to show you the history of computer mouse from the beginning, to what it is now.


#10   Douglas Engelbart

The computer mouse as we know it today was invented and developed by Douglas Engelbart in 1960s and later it was patented on November 17, 1970. The mouse consisted of a wooden shell, circuit board and two metal wheels that came into contact with the surface it was being used on. This mouse was first used with the Xerox Alto computer system in 1973.


#9   Marathon

The first FPS video game was Marathon, developed and published by Bungie, and released in December 1994 for the Apple Macintosh. Marathon was one of the earliest games to employ free look (also known as mouselook) and give the player the ability to look up or down using their mouse.

#8   Memo Of The Month

“Memo of the Month,” From The Washington Monthly, January/February 1991, page 24:
This is an actual alert to IBM Field Engineers that went out to all IBM Branch Offices. The person who wrote it was very serious.

Memo Of The Month

#7   Unlimited tracking speed

An EPFL post-doctoral researcher at Logitech Arash Salarian has developed an algorithm that gives a computer mouse a nearly-unlimited tracking speed. It is based on the combining of an optical sensor with a system based on accelerometers and gyroscopes. Already on the market, this device is a successful example of collaboration between research and industry.


#6   Mouse-Box

The Mouse-Box is an incredible combination of the two most important elements in a computer set – a computer and a mouse. According to the Mouse-Box developers, the plan is to pack a standard-looking mouse with an ARM-based Cortex processor, 128 GB of flash storage + cloud drive, 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi, and dual USB 3.0 ports. The idea behind Mouse-Box isn’t simply to provide more space, but to have your personal computer wherever you are, using any type of display.


#5   Steady Mouse

SteadyMouse is free software designed to assist people with the hand tremors that commonly go along with Parkinson’s disease, Multiple sclerosis, etc. It was created by Ben Gottemoller in response to the problems his father, was experiencing. The software has gone through 2 updates and is still free. Steady Mouse uses computer code to reduce the effect of tremors on the cursor, allowing for easier focus on the object you want to click on.


#4   Razer Firefly

Razer Firefly is the world’s first gaming mouse pad with Chroma lighting system, there are over 16.8 million color options to fully customize your gaming setup. Razer Firefly is Extremely thin, lightweight, and made of great material. With Chroma lighting on the bottom of your gaming pad, this device can sync up with your other Chroma enabled Razer devices. It means that your gaming experience is complemented by a visually stunning display of colors and effects.

#3   Mickey

A mickey is a unit of measurement for the speed and movement direction of a computer mouse. The speed of the mouse is the ratio between how many pixels the cursor moves on the screen and how many centimeters you move the mouse on the mouse pad. The directional movement is called the horizontal mickey count and the vertical mickey count. One mickey is approximately 1/200th of an inch. Today instead of mickey we use DPI – Dots Per Inch, to measure the mouse movement.


#2   Microsoft Solitaire

Solitaire, also known as Microsoft Solitaire, is a computer game included with Windows, based on a card game of the same name, also known as Klondike. Microsoft intended Windows Solitaire “to soothe people intimidated by the new operating system”, many users were still unfamiliar with graphical user interfaces. This game proved that simple movements, such as the drag-and-drop, which was used for moving cards really helped people learn, how to use computer mouse.


#1   Etymology

The name “mouse”, coined at the Stanford Research Institute, derives from the resemblance of early models (which had a cord attached to the rear part of the device, suggesting the idea of a tail) to the common small rodent of the same name.

Hope, next time when you decide to buy a brand new mouse you will know: who is the inventor of computer mouse, what is mickey or what to expect in near future if Mouse-Box project really starts to function. Remember, choose your mouse wisely and happy gaming!

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