Advantages of the Best Gaming Mouse (infographic)


Advantages of the Best Gaming Mouse (infographic)

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In computing, a mouse is a pointing device that detects movements and passes the information to the computer screen. Basic idea of mouse is still same, but today we see lots of different features added into the mouse. Now, they look much cooler and their abilities have increased. As the result we got new type of mouse called gaming mouse, which is specifically designed and manufactured, in order to meet the evolving needs of the gamers.
THE 4 TYPES OF Gaming Mouse

MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online)

. Responsiveness: 1000Hz / 1ms Polling rate
. Accuracy: 8200dpi 4G laser sensor
. Illumination: Green LED lighting
. Programmable Buttons: 19
. Advantages: Expert MMO Gaming Mouse


FPS (First Person Shooter)

. Responsiveness: 1000Hz / 1ms Polling rate
. Accuracy: 8200dpi laser sensor
. Illumination: 16.8 Million colors
. Programmable Buttons: 8
. Advantages: Precise tracking and accurate control

RTS (Real Time Strategy)

. Responsiveness: 1000Hz / 1ms Polling rate
. Accuracy: 10,000dpi optical sensor
. Illumination: 16.8 Million customizable color
. Programmable Buttons: 5
. Advantages: Ultra accurate optical mouse powered with advanced tracking analytics

RPG (Role Playing Game)

. Responsiveness: 1000Hz / 1ms Polling rate
. Accuracy: 5600dpi laser sensor
. Illumination: Green LED Lighting
. Programmable Buttons: 6
. Advantages: Expert MOBA/Action-RPG Gaming Mouse

The Advantages Of A Good Gaming Mouse!

1) Comfortable Design
2) Customizable Buttons
3) Accuracy
4) Adjustable DPI
5) Laser Sensor
6) Ambidextrous
7) Wireless Technology
8) Software
9) Responsiveness
10) Speed
11) Durability
12) Freedom
13) Illumination
14) Weighted

Accuracy is one the key factor for gamers. In competitive gaming where fractions of a second can matter, good gaming mouse makes a difference. Actually main part of the mouse which makes it such accurate is sensor. Nowadays most gaming mouse use laser sensor, instead of optical sensor. The difference between the two is that Optical mice can only be used on Opaque Surfaces, when laser mice can be used even on Specular Surfaces (such as glass).

Adjustable DPI

DPI (Dots Per Inch), sometimes called CPI (Counts Per Inch) shows number of individual dots that can be placed in a line within the span of 1 inch. The higher a mouse’s DPI, the farther the cursor on your screen will move. Usually the number of DPI varies from 200-800 DPI, but they can go as high as 8200 DPI with gaming grade laser mice. Some mouse models include dedicated buttons (DPI On-the-fly buttons) which you can use to instantly adjust your mouse sensitivity. For example: you can switch between a fast speed when you are close quarters and a slow speed when you are sniping.


In addition to a good gaming mouse companies offer their customers special software, which allows players to fully customize their mouse. The cloud based unified configurator instantly provides you with gaming preferences, from any location in the world, so you are always ready to play. In the performance menu you can customize sensitivity, acceleration and polling rate you. You are also able to configure cosmetic preferences such as lighting.

Custom Weight System

Hard-core gaming can be picky when it comes to how much a mouse weighs. So far almost every top level gaming mouse features custom weight system, which allows the players to adjust the weight of their mouse. Some mice include interchangeable weights, for customizing the mouse’s heft. A heaver mouse makes it easier to make fine movements, while a lighter mouse makes it easier to make large movements. By combining the right weights, you can create something new and individual.

Programmable Buttons

For ease of use, most gaming mouse offer multiple, well-placed programmable buttons. MMO fans adore this feature, because this buttons can be programmed to in-game macros or as complex actions, in order to perform a certain action in game. When it comes to extra buttons, first try which one seem well placed in terms of ergonomics and only then start building your own profile of combinations.

Wireless Technology

In gaming industry wireless gaming mouse is kind of big deal. The main advantage is mobility, bluetooth mice can be taken virtually anywhere and it’s more comfortable in everyday use. Aside from being mobile, bluetooth mice are also compatible with many different devices. So what are you waiting for, ditch the wires & keep the performance.

Happy Gaming!


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