Mad Catz R.A.T. Pro X



If you are a Pro gamer good gaming mouse is extremely important for you, well Mad Catz has the perfect mouse to suit your needs, with their brand new R.A.T. series mouse R.A.T PRO X. They gave us a hands on look at it during CES 2015. Mad Catz claims this is the most advanced gaming mouse in the world and it actually provide the gamers with wide range of options.

R.A.T Prox x MSU

One of the biggest things that caught my attention about the mouse is that, it has interchangeable sensors units, which means you can swap the sensor you are using in real-time and change it . At this moment number of replacing units is quite short but in future company claims, that they will introduce new sensors for specific gaming styles. It means that now gamers have ability to fully customize their mouse including the sensor, which couple years ago was impossible to even imagine. Mad Catz is calling this MSU – Modular Sensor Units and it easily pops out of the bottom of the mouse.


On the bottom side you can see some led panel where you can store 9 different configurations and toggle throw them just by prassing the left and right buttons. So you can bring up your favorite configuration for the game you are playing.


Scroll wheel on brand new R.A.T Pro x is just phenomenal, I can definitely say that Mad Catz has Literally reinvented the scroll wheel, adding new features and making it completely customizable. Firstly you can adjust the force of rotation, also it’s the first mouse in world that has it’s own optical sensor built into the unit. So scroll wheel has it’s own optical sensor inside, independently from the rest of the mouse. Now gamers can even change the coding on the scroll wheel, generally you have 3 different textures. Last but not least the major innovation in the scroll wheel area is that, this mouse is the only one which has full analog strafe. With it, players can customize and get the analog control horizontal movements. So guys if you are playing FPS you can delicately lean behind the corner of the wall, and have an unfair advantage, because as I have already mentioned no other mouse has this feature yet.


Body of this device is made of magnesium alloy, which is 30% lighter than aluminum, and carbon fiber. Every part of the Mad Catz R.A.T Pro x has been designed over the last 5 years are almost like race car, they really increase the performance and reduce the weight.

The legs are made of two kinds of material: ceramic and Teflon. Ceramic legs have a lower coefficient of friction than Teflon, and now it’s up to you which one you want to mount on your gaming mouse.
Also it includes a huge number of parts, to configure the mouse for your hand. New designed palm rest, allows the gamers not only to move it back and forth, but even rotated 15 degrees to the left or right. Also this mouse features, pinky grip which allows you to lift up the mouse. Every detail is covered with a special hydrophobic coating that reduces sweating hands during the game.
So you would better hurry up and buy R.A.T Pro X to create a completely individual gaming mouse, not only in terms of the anatomical features of the hand, but also in terms of technical equipment.




– Solid build for the price point.

– Magnesium Alloy Unibody.

– Special Hydrophobic Coating

– News Modular Sensor Units

– Analog Strafe System.

– New designed palm rest.

– Pinky Grip



– It is not wireless.

– No weight system.


System Requirements


.PC / Mac with USB port

.Windows® 7 / Windows Vista® / Windows® XP or Mac OS X (v10.4 and above)

.Internet connection (for driver installation)

.At least 45MB of hard disk space







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