How to Pick a Gaming Mouse

People are spending a lot of time at the computer, playing   games to interact with other people. In my case, I was playing star craft for 12 years, so for me having a really good gaming mouse is essential.  Now I’m going to discuss all the factors that will probably help you to choose the right kind of gaming mouse.  The most important thing is that you know what’s your needs are as a gamer.

#1  Laser versus Optical



Firstly let’s make difference between optical and laser mouse.

Optical Mice uses one or more ELD to take pictures of any surface underneath, to track mouse movement across the surface, this is the main contrast to the previous generation of Ball Mice, which actually used the physical ball that rolled around under the mouse, in order to detect movement.  So  compared  to older ones, new generation of optical mouse has a much border range of Surface compatibility ,  if we compare them to laser mouse it appear that they have Lower Dpi Sensor  ( it’s usually around 200-800DPI), but they can go as high as 4000 DPI  with gaming grade  optical mice, which some gamers  find  they prefer  to laser mice.

Laser Mice is a newer technology and has few  advantages compared to optical mice. Number one is Surface compatibility, depending on the type of laser,  it can be used on much  wider  variety of surfaces. Optical mice can only be used  on Opaque Surfaces,   when laser mice can be used even on Specular Surfaces (such as glass).  Also laser mice is more accurate, they are able to achieve  dpi up to 8200 DPI, which is significantly more than Optical mice on the market.

Useful Tip: Some people claim that depending on Dpi sensitivity  that you want to use, you may better buy gaming mouse that is more optimized  for the Dpi settings. For example If you want to game  at 3000DPI you may not want to buy 8200 Dpi top of the line gaming mouse, because it may skips the frames while gaming. So always  be certain of what you really want and what you really need!

#2 What kind of game do you play?

There are different kind of games: RTS, RPG, FPS and MMO  and each of them require different gaming mouse in order to help gamers do their best while playing games. Most mouse cater for First Person Shooter (FPS) games, so they don’t have some extra buttons, but if you are going to play some Massively multiplayer online-(MMO) or Real-time strategy-(RTS) games you should buy mice that have more buttons and macros designed specifically for this kind of games.  Personally i play MMOs so the extra buttons on the Logitech G600 M.M.O.  really helps a lot, but with most of the games i still recommend some razer product, they look good and performance is also on top!

#3 Wired Or Wireless


Wireless mouse are great  for reducing  the tangle of wires on your desk, everything looks organized and it feels more natural when  moving mouse around,  you don’t have such disturbing feeling that something is holding you back. The first true wireless mouse device was produced by Logitech in  1991 (Cordless MouseMan ) and since that moment popularity of wireless mice grows . Every year companies build new generation of wireless computer mice  and in near future  they will conquer the market.

On the other side we have wired mouse which has much long history , people first started to use them in 1963 and since then mouse has evolved from a simple interface device to a complex tool that is vital for today’s computer user.  Performance wise they are equal, but most gamers prefer reliability and with wireless mice they tend to run out of battery. Also they lag a bit, because sometimes there is a connection problem, in this case it’s better to get a wired mouse. The latest generation of wireless mice, such as the Razer Mamba and Logitech G700, use a detachable USB cable to give the best of both worlds, such kind of mice  is also known as hybrid mice. You get choice between freedom of wireless technology and cable gaming, it’s up to you what king of gaming style you prefer.

I’m a competitive gamer  so I consider wired mouse  because it has zero lifetime and it is much responsible , but if you are some who plays game casually  I would suggest to buy a good quality wireless gaming mouse. But If you want ultra position go for wired.




When gaming with mouse you need to feel comfortable and be able to make quick movements without losing control of your mouse. There are three main type how you can hold your mouse. Try using each of this style and find which grip you get most out of and confident  with using . The  tree grips are #1.palm #2 claw and  #3 fingertip

The palm grip is most natural feeling and most commonly used. When using the palm grip your entire hand will be  on the mouse, creating  7 point of contact. This grip is very comfortable and useful at the same time, most movements come from your arm so you will be able to make fast, powerful movements.

The claw grip only uses 6 points of contact, it’s kind of mid way  grip  when it comes to speed and precision. Claw users can simply pick up the mouse without any sway and make fast movement while playing games.

The Fingertip grip only has 5 points of contact, this allow users to push the mouse under his hand using only the fingertips, this gives you highest precision, but making fast sweeps will be difficult as well as picking up the mice. So in this case  small, low profile mouse are needed for the fingertip method.

There is no right way and there is no wrong way how you can hold your mouse, try different grips and figure out which one you think will give you most edge, precision and speed.


#5 DPI And Mouse Acceleration

The next topic is dpi which stands for dots per inch, it’s number of individual dots that can be placed in a line within the span of 1 inch, in other words it’s how many pix your mouse point moves per inch of mouse movement. For example: if you have 5 dpi, every time you move your mouse 1 inch it would move 5 pixels on the screen,  generally 200-1600 is all you really need. DPI sensitivity is key factor for gamers, each gaming mouse comes with its own software where you can manually customize dpi settings as well as mouse acceleration.

Mouse acceleration is the change in speed of the cursor over time, while the mouse movement is constant. With mouse acceleration, the movement is based on speed. Meaning, if you move the mouse 1 inch, slowly, it’ll move one distance. If you move it still 1 inch, but fast, it’ll move a lot farther. So every time you move your mouse to aim, you’ll have to move it differently to do the same movement.

Useful Tip: Every time someone buys a good gaming mouse, they start asking same questions:  What is the best DPI for gaming mouse??  As a competitive gamer, this question made me headache a lot! No one can exactly tell you best dpi setting for you, until you decide which one is better for you. Generally this factor depends on screen resolution, for example if you got  1366×768  screen, probably 3000 DPI or lower is barely enough for you!



#6  Personal Preference


The final thing to choose best gaming mouse for your needs is personal preferences, we all have different aesthetic tastes and that will definitely have a great influence, on our final decision. Actually I have a very long mouse and it feels really good for me, while playing games. Also you have to consider the weight of your mouse, make sure that the mouse suits you and the best way to do that is to move it as fast as you can and then stop over certain object, by this way you can check the accuracy of your mouse. Some people consider flashy lighting mouse, if you also like this kind of mice go for razer, but if you prefer some classic one, Logitech is something you really need!



I’m  sure you have identified you needs, helpfully this topic will help you to choose the right kind of gaming mouse.




Gaming  Mouse:


  1. Cybirg rat 9
  2. Cyborg rat 7
  3. Razer imperator
  4. Nono 4 fun
  5. The roccat kone
  6. Razer naga epic
  7. Logitech g 500
  8. Razer mamba 4g
  9. Pcwprdlvideo (who to choose a gaming mouse)
  10. Logetech g9x
  11. Lsteelseries xavi
  12. Razer naga
  13. Zowie-ec1
  14. Razer deathhadder
  15. Razer mamba






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